World Development Foundation
Development Projects


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Given below are some Projects WDF intend to Establish and
Finance in various countries around the world.

Proposals from Prospective Suppliers are welcome.


Regional Airlines


Urban Bus Operations

Regional Bus Operations

Urban Subway Systems

Trans-Regional Railways

Condominium Buildings

Apartment Buildings

House Developments

Office Buildings

Shopping Malls

Shopping Plazas

Trans-Continental Highways

Regional Road Systems

Telephone Networks

Trans-Continental TV Networks

Regional Trucking Operations

Regional Container Shipping

International Shipping Operation

Maritime Ports

Manufacture of Truck Tyres

Processing Raw Cotton to Yarn

Fertilizer Production

Cement Production

Paper & Pulp Production

Processing Bauxite to Aluminium Ingots

Processing Iron Ore to MS & Pig Iron

Production of Oil Seed & Processing

Production of Sugar Cane & Processing

Sugar Refining

Livestock Operations

Fresh Water Fish Farming

Sea Water Fish Farming

Agricultural Operations

Produce Processing Operations

Light Industrial Operations

Heavy Industrial Operations

Electric Power Generation

Electric Power Distribution

More Jobs For Investment Dollars