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This page will keep you up to date on what's going on with the campaign.

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We have requested the US Surgeon General
to bring Health to the World by Publishing
Critical Health Information.

We are Immediately creating 1,000,000 Jobs
around the world through our fund raising
activities and establishing Public Internet
Access Centres.

The Lobby Process has been initiated with the following:

Sarmite D Bulte, MP, Federal Parliament of Canada

Gerrard Kennedy, MPP, Provincial Legislature of Ontario

David Miller, Councillor, City of Toronto

The letter sent to the above can be seen on the Lobby Letter WDF1 Page.

World State Is Coming!

We are highly encouraged by the
positive response to our campaign
from all parts of the world.

Our program presents many
opportunities to people who are
eager to get ahead in life. We
invite all citizens of the
World to get away from negative,
destructive elements and
join us on a path to success!

"Think not what you can do
for the World State
Think what the World State can do for You"

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