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Lobby Letter sent to US Attorney General

21st June, 2001

For the personal attention of:
Hon. John Ashcroft
Attorney General
United States of America.

Dear Attorney General,

Tobacco and Sickness

Nicotine is alkaline in solution and neutralizes the acidity in the body. People smoke because they feel better when the acidity is low.

The sickness that is attributed to tobacco is actually caused by electro-magnetic radiation emitted by Psychopaths who produce enormous amounts of energy. Their pathalogical mental processes cause Adrenal Glands to become hyperactive and the excess Adrenalin released creates the production of this energy which radiates out of the body.

This radiation causes endocrine malfunction in others, leading to various deceases.

Beta Blockers and H2 Histamine Blockers are medicines which help to reduce the damage from radiation.

Please consult experts in Chemistry, Human Biology, Radio Biology, Endocrinology, Pharmaceuticals and other related sciences to obtain the exact details.

I am happy to inform you that I have set in motion the process to create The World State and the Imperial Government of Planet Earth. All the relevant information is available on the website given above.

Think not what you can do for the World State. Think what the World State can do for You

Best regards.
Sincerely yours,

/Manju Dodangoda/

Copies to: Philip Morris Companies Inc.,
British American Tobacco

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