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Lobby Letter on Public Health Issue

Manju Mahendra Dodangoda
531 Clendenan Avenue
Toronto ON M6P 2X8

Web Address: Email: Pager: 416-667-3897

30th April 2001

Ms. Sarmite D Bulte MP.

Dear Madam,

I am a person who has achieved a high degree of health and am 46 years old. I have lived in Toronto for over nine years.

My investigations have revealed that most people are ignorant about the following two areas of Human Health knowledge of which is vital for the maintenance of good health.

The Metabolic Process known as Anabolism

Dangers of forming Platonic Attachments

Ignorance of the Public about these matters is due to the fact that Public Health Officials
are not educating the Public although it is their responsibility to do so.

I write to request you , as a elected and remunerated representative, to initiate suitable action to remedy this situation.

Sincerely yours,

Mahendra Dodangoda

This request has also been addressed to:

Mr.Gerard Kennedy MPP
Mr.David Miller MC

This Letter was handedover at their Offices on 30th April and their Assistants were further briefed. We have made follow up calls and sent emails. As of 6/10/01 NO ACTION.

What can be more important to a Public Representative than
Public Health